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 How do I bulk upload products using a CSV file?
 This article will list the fields available for bulk uploading and provide examples of the data supported by bulk uploading. It is not required that you have all of these fields completed to perform a bulk upload. The only required fields a
 How do I set up PayPal Payments Pro?
 To use the PayPal Payments Pro Gateway, you will need an Payments Pro Gateway through PayPal.com. Once logged into PayPal.com  you will see an option to set up a PayPal Payments Pro Gate
 How do I integrate Google Checkout?
  Google Checkout is a payment system that can be used in the cart to accept credit cards. To register for an a
 Is there a shopping cart manual?
 The manual can be found in your Admin area of your shopping cart or by clicking this link. Click here.
 How to add "Additional Notes" user entry box during the checkout process on the final checkout page.
 Go to... Cart Settings >> Forms Controls/Custom Fields >> Create New custom Field >> attach the new field to the drop down choice of "registration" or "Additional Information" (this will show below the Shipping Method on the checkout page).
 How do I add a product outside of my shopping cart?
 You will need to create a POST command on the external pages. First, you will need to make sure that the product exists in your shopping cart database. Then, you would need to add the follow code to the external pages for every instance where an ite
 How to remove duplicate URL's indexed by Google
 My site has been indexed by Google using both the flat url and non flat URL. How do I remove the unwanted URL's? Login to your Google Webmaster tools. https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ Crawler access If your site has content you don't want
 Attributes can best be described as the options which are available for your products. For example, if we are selling t-shirts which are available in several different colors; the option of color would be an attribute.
 Bulk uploading spreadsheet Update Rules: explained
 For some versions of the cart, when you load products in the administrator area of your website (Products & Categories -> Bulk Product Loader), you will have four options for the "Data Update Rule." Overwrite Existing Data – A
 Bulk Category Loading
 Bulk loading of categories is a new feature in the latest 3.7x versions of the cart. You can build a .csv with the required information and load all of your categories at once. You will need to build your categories before products can be added
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