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 How do I set up PayPal Payments Pro?

To use the PayPal Payments Pro Gateway, you will need an Payments Pro Gateway through PayPal.com. Once logged into PayPal.com  you will see an option to set up a PayPal Payments Pro Gateway.

PayPal's Payments Pro gateway differs from the traditional PayPal.com gateway in every transaction is completed on your website. So the customer doesn't have to be directed to Paypal.com to complete the transaction.

First you will need to apply for a Website Payments Pro account.


1.  Return to your Business Account Overview page and click the Merchant Tools tab.

2.  Under Website Payments Pro, click Learn More.

3.  Under Getting Started, click Submit application.

4.  Complete the application form and click Continue.

5.  On the Application Approved page, click Getting started with PayPal.

6.  Follow the link to accept the billing agreement.

7.  You are taken to a page for API Setup.



Next you will need to generate an API Certificate through PayPal.com to up be uploaded to the cart. This certificate is used by PayPal.com to identify PinnacleCart.


Follow these steps to generate your API Certificate:

Once you have completed these steps, you can start the process of setting up PayPal though the back of the cart.

1. Login to PayPal and go to “Request API Credentials” and apply for the SSL Client-Side Certificate.
2. Next you will receive an e-mail form PayPal stating your API certificate is ready to use.
3. Login and click “View or Remove Credentials” under


4. Next download your API certificate and save it to your computer. Also record your API username and API password.
5. Login to PinnacleCart and activate PayPal Pro
6. Use the HTTPS protocol
7. Enter in your API Username and API Password into the cart. Your Paypal Username and Password will not work.
8. Upload your certificate to the server by clicking on the “browse” button under the Payment Server Settings.

Click save and you’re done.

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