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 Unable to Change users Passwords
Solution Unable to CHANGE Passwords or DELETE users email addresses:

Sometimes within the cart you may find it necessary to change the passwords for your users or will be unable to add new users as their email errors with the information that the "Email already exists" within the database.

To change an existing email password:
The link to reset your customer's passwords is yourdomain.com/index.php?p=password_reset

You can either send this link to your customer - OR use this link yourself if you have the username and email account of your user. This will send an email to the users email address with the new password details allowing your customer to gain access to their account.

If you have a customer who is trying to login, or you are trying to login to your users account, but upon searching for the email account are met with the information that the "Email already exists", this means that this customer has already purchased from your cart and selected the GUEST login. This means that the cart has this customer on record. To allow this customer to then create an account this email address will need to be removed from the database tables. Please keep in mind that this will remove all trace of this customer's orders and activity within the cart. So only use this solution if the customer does not need this information, and their order within the cart has already been fulfilled.

To remove this email address you can do so using your cpanel or by contacting our technical support through the ticket system and requesting the removal. Please provide the email address you will require removed from the system.

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